Friday, 9 November 2012

Lesson 2 - Understanding Search Results

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In the last lesson, you developed queries using key search terms tied to your research projects. In this lesson, you will eventually type in these queries and examine a search results page. Today we will look at search results pages and learn what information they give to help guide you through the research process.

In today's lesson:

  • We are learning about the Google Search Results Page.
  • You will be able to identify the parts of this page and be able to use all the parts to help you make decisions about what search result will help you.


  1. Go to and conduct a search for the query [nautilus pompilius]
  2. Look at the search results page with a partner, discuss the results the page has given you. 
    1. Are the results all the same or are they different?
    2. What on the page gives you more information about the result?
  3. Make a copy (File>Make a copy) of the Understanding search results worksheet and complete it. This presentation will help you.
Homework: Research project: Is there life on other planets?

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