Friday, 16 November 2012

Lesson 3 - Narrowing a search to get results

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Last lesson we looked at all the parts of a search results page and how they can help us make effective decisions about the information we choose.

In today's lesson:

  • We are learning about all the Filters on the Google Search Results Page.
  • You will be able to identify the parts of this page and be able to use all the parts to help you make decisions about what search result will help you.


  1. Go to and conduct a search for the query [stonehenge]
  2. Log into Robert Clack Apps
  3. Create a presentation
  4. Give it the title: How to Use Google Search
    1. Explain how to search for a result effectively (remember keywords, missing words, etc, from lesson 1)
    2. Explain all the parts of the search results page.
    3. Explain how to use filters.


Think of a topic that you want to create a research project around. For example (Is there life on other planets?)

Use a google search for your research project and print the first page of the google results page and bring it next lesson. Ask some of your subject teachers for ideas for research topics.

Highlight the search Query you have used.

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