Friday, 26 April 2013

End of Unit Assessment

In today's lesson:

  • You will take an end of unit assessment
  • Before spending some time organising your eportfolio and preparing revision for your end of year test.


  1. Log into Robert Clack Apps by clicking here
  2. Take your spreadsheet unit assessment by clicking here.
  3. Ensure all your spreadsheet work is attached to your eportfolio spreadsheet unit page. 
  4. Check to see if you have any badges to add to your eportfolio by looking in the 'shared with you' folder in Google Drive.


In a few weeks time you will be sitting an end of year 7 exam in all your subjects including ICT.

1. Begin to make a list of topics that we have covered in ICT this year in a Google document.
2. Write down any questions you have, or any areas that you are not sure about for each topic.
3. Plan when you are going to find out the answers to those questions and revise for your exam.

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