Friday, 22 March 2013

Lesson 4 and 5 - Developing a model further and creating graphs

Charts (called Graphs in Maths lessons) are used to present information - numbers or data - in a way that is easier to read. There are different types of charts, the most common are pie charts, bar charts and line charts. We can use different types of charts to show us different things.

In today's lesson we are learning:

  • to understand what happens if we change the values of variables
  • to understand why different charts can be useful for different things
  • be able to create a chart to represent the data in your spreadsheet model.


  1. Complete your shop model to include both a 'costs' table and a 'revenue' table. 
  2. Calculate the profit you would make on selling your products.
  3. Identify variables and rules in your model using labels.
  4. Use the chart wizard to make a chart that shows you what revenue each product is making.
  5. Make a copy of this Spreadsheet Charts document and answer the questions.


Consider how many visitors you may get to your shop. Is it realistic to expect millions of visitors in one month? Imagine for example I was selling my sweets to Year 7 only. There are approximately 300 students in year 7. I should adapt my spreadsheet model to include this information. Do I have enough stock for them? Will they buy from me every day?

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