Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lesson 1 - Cyberbullying & Netiquette

In today's lesson:

We are learning what the term cyber bullying means and to understand ways to protect ourselves against cyber bullying.

‘netiquette’ is a set of agreements about how to behave in online communication.


  1. Open Google Chrome 
  2. Log into Robert Clack Apps
  3. Make a copy of the Netiquette worksheet by clicking File and Make a Copy.
  4. Add your worksheet to your eportfolio.

    Extension Task:

    1. Log into Robert Clack Apps
    2. Create a new document by clicking Create document.
    3. Write a pretend diary entry for the boy we saw in the film. 
    4. It should start: The cyber bullying in my school could have been avoided if my school had taught us tips on how to communicate online properly. Tips such as…
    5. It should include netiquette tips that he thinks could have made a difference if he and his year group had been taught them in school. 

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