Friday, 11 January 2013

Lesson 1 - Creating a Corporate Image

Do Now:

1. Create a new 'File Cabinet' page on your eportfolio and name it 'Desktop Publishing'

2. Look at this picture, what is similar about it and what is different? Add your answers to the wall below by double clicking, writing your first name, and adding your answer.

In today's lesson we are learning to:

  • Understand and be able to explain what us meant by 'corporate image'.
  • Apply elements of corporate image to produce a suitable front cover for the WWF.


1. Open WWF leaflet Template from (Start > My computer, RMShared> Information Technology > Miss Philbin) and create a front cover leaflet for WWF. When you have finished add this to your eportfolio page.

2. Add a comment to your 'Desktop Publisher' eportfolio page to answer the question 'What does corporate image mean?' (Keywords to use in your answer: logo, slogan, desktop design, font, colour scheme)


Using plain paper, plan the layout of the cover of a leaflet for a charity organisation called PEAT (Protecting Endangered Animals Together).

The charity helps to protect a wide range of endangered animals such as polar bears, elephants, whales, leopards and pandas, to name but a few!

Look at the example leaflet cover below, from the WWF leaflet. Your cover should have the same elements. These include:

  • Title
  • Logo
  • Date and issue number
  • Picture
  • Slogan
  • Website address

You should also write on your plan what colours and pictures you are going to use. The diagram on the left below is a plan that might have been created for the production of the WWF cover on the right:

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