Friday, 25 January 2013

Lesson 3 - Logo Design

In today's lesson we are learning to:

  • Understand and be able to explain the meaning of the term logo.
  • Be able to combine text, image and shape to create an effective logo.

What is a logo?

A logo is an instantly recognizable symbol or image used by companies on all their marketing materials, including t-shirts, leaflets, web pages and even in their buildings.


1. Open Publisher and choose a suitable image from clipart.

  • Add text to it.
  • Save as logo1.
2. Improve your logo by:

  • Adding an autoshape
  • Replace your clipart picture with a real picture from
  • Group objects to make one.
  • Save as logo2.
3. Upload both logos to your eportfolio. Add a comment to each answering the following questions:

  • Does the logo clearly represent the charity PEAT? How?
  • Is it memorable?
  • Does it stand out?
  • Will it look good both small and large scale?
  • Will it look good in colour and back and white?
  • Will it make a suitable logo for PEAT? Why?
  • What would you improve if you had more time. 


Finish writing your comments about your logos concentrating on evaluating them.

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