Friday, 18 January 2013

Lesson 2 - Creating a Front Cover

In today's lesson we are learning to:

  • Identify the good and bad parts of a leaflet.
  • Create a front cover using desktop publishing or word processing software.
  • Critically review own work.

Is this a good or bad front cover design for a leaflet?



1. Swap homework with a partner. Using the checklist below decide whether it is a good or bad front cover design for a leaflet.
Have they included:
  • A title
  • A logo
  • A date
  • An issue number
  • A picture
  • A slogan
  • A URL (web address)
2. Create a front cover for PEAT using your homework. Make sure you select suitable images, and a colour scheme.

P.E.A.T. = Protecting Endangered Animals Together


Add a comment to your 'desktop publishing' eportfolio page answering the question 'What makes a good leaflet front cover design? (Keywords: layout, colour scheme, images, audience, purpose)

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