Friday, 15 March 2013

Lesson 3 - Developing a Model

In today's lesson we are learning to:

  • Identify variables and rules
  • Make adjustments to a spreadsheet model
  • Add correct formula to a spreadsheet model


1. You are starting you own shop in which you can sell any range of stock. For example you might want to run a sweet shop, or a shoe shop.

2. Once you have chosen your stock, using google search shopping find some stock and the cost price for each item. You need at least 6 items. For example, Haribo, Skittles, Mars Bars, etc.

3. Using Robert Clack Apps, Create a spreadsheet model for your shop, by clicking Create and Spreadsheet.

4. You will need to include a column for:

  • Products
  • Price per item
  • Number of items
  • Total Revenue

5. Calculate the total revenue using a formula.


Underneath your completed model add a table with these column headings:

  • Costs
  • Cost per item
  • Number of items
  • Total Costs
Calculate the total costs using a formula. Then calculate your profit using a formula. Remember Profit = Costs - Revenue

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