Tuesday, 5 November 2013

End of Unit Assessment

If all these tasks are completed you will unlock the safe online badge!

In today's lesson:

We are going to test our knowledge of e-safety by:
  • taking a quiz
  • making sure we have completed all our classwork
  • making sure we have attached all class work to our eportfolio.


    1. Click on your class name below to take the quiz:

    2. Once you have finished and submitted your quiz, go to your eportfolio and check that you have all your work linked to your E-Safety page. This includes:
    • E-Safety Poster
    • Communicating Safely Online Worksheet
    • Netiquette Worksheet

    3. Make sure you have written about what you have learned in this unit on the E-Safety page of your eportfolio.

    4. Click on the Cat below to head over to Scratch. See if you can remember how to make a square.

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