Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Lesson 1 - How does a computer think?

What does a computer programmer look like?


  • Sequence
  • Instructions
  • Computer Science
  • Programming

Meet Alvin

Alvin needs to get from one end of the desk maze to the other using one instruction at a time. Together let's see if we can help him out.

In today's lesson we are learning to:

  • Know that computers follow a sequence of instructions.
  • Understand that you can program a computer to follow a sequence of instructions using code.
  • Be able to use Scratch programming language to create shapes using a sequence of instructions.


1. Click on the picture of the cat below to get started:
2. Click on 'Create' at the top.
3. Can you use the following blocks to draw a square?

Extension: How can you use the repeat block to loop some instructions? 

5. Can you change the values to make different shapes like:
6. Make a copy of this Scratch Workbook by clicking on File>Make a copy.
7. Using the 'print screen' button on your keyboard take a picture of your work today in Scratch and paste it onto slide 2. Answer the questions.


What other pen blocks can you add to your sequence?
  • How can you clear the stage when you start the sequence?
  • Can you change the pen colour?
  • Can you change the size of the pen?


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